General Contracting

Whether the project is a road, a building or other type, and regardless of scope or magnitude, Owners expect their general contractor to deliver quality work at competitive rate with minimal changes or compromises to protect the budget and time. In addition, Owners expect smooth construction process, orderly occupancy/take over, and post completion support.

Our executives (Owners of APCO/ArCon) directly run the company’s daily business and all facets of our project starting with document review, direct interface with subcontractors, suppliers, price evaluations and awards. Having detailed understanding of each project, our management exercises tight control over the construction process by being intimately involved with field personnel, ubcontractors, consultants and the Client. Our “hands on management style” assures quality is attained, safety is implemented, cost kept under control and schedule is realized. Our minimal corporate hierarchy allows for immediate action and quick decision making, this feature provides efficient problem solving that facilitates and accelerates the work. “We are easily accessible and always available”. Our management capacity is enhanced by our ability to self-perform essential in-house engineering services and by self-performing critical construction activities with our equipment and in-house skilled manpower. Our strategy is designed to meet each expectation via distinct phases of services: 

Our bidding objective is to submit a winning proposal not a winning number by preparing clear, unambiguous proposal comprised of two parts, “technical” and cost developed specialized teams to assure Owners of our capability and transparency and be basis to grow future relationship with our clients.

  • Detailed review of bidding documents to understand full scope and requirements.
  • Assess and investigate actual field conditions.
  • Invited only reputable and experienced trade subcontractors.
  • Solicit pricing from specified and non-specified suppliers/manufactures for comparison and possible saving
  • Develop a comprehensive in-house “Bill of Quantities” for each trade to ensure every item specified is included.
  • Conduct constructability review and value Engineering options via voluntary deductive alternates.
  • Develop bid document inquiries and RFI’s in close cooperation with subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Develop preliminary planning and scheduling of construction stages in concert with subcontractors considering required permitting as well as materials, equipment and procurements requiring longlead.
  • Finalize bid proposal by submitting competitive, balanced pricing along with implementation plan.
  • Submit final proposal addressing technical aspects of the project to include plans for subcontracting, implementation, key personnel, scheduling and material/equipment sourcing.

After award of contract, we immediately submit required bonds or Bank Guarantees, necessary Insurance, and initiate required permitting and approvals. Simultaneously, we establish Administrative and Communication Parameters defining proper protocol, roles / responsibility matrix, produce /submit plans as appropriate that cover:

  • Overall Organizational Structure to include project Key Staff and all stake holders.
  • Subcontracting plan.
  • Mobilization /site offices /Traffic Control Plans.
  • Material and Equipment sourcing plan.
  • Master Construction Schedule.
  • Dilapidation Surveys and Risk Management program.
  • Method Statement plan.
  • Quality Control program -Safety and health program.
  • Environmental Mitigation measures.

During this most critical stage of a project, our management and experienced key personnel strictly practice and enforce our construction control policies and procedures, we exercise full on-site supervision of each activity, manage subcontractors, monitor budget, validate schedule, and anticipate challenges to provide proactive problem solving.

Our capability is further enhanced by utilization of “Contract Manger” software to strictly control documentation and project activities, additionally, our ability to self perform essential construction activities when needed using our equipment and skilled manpower , as well as our reserved right to “Step In” at any point assures our clients of single source responsibility and our commitment to quality and on time delivery. A brief listing of procedures as follows:

  • Self perform topographical and existing site conditions.
  • In-house preparation of detailed shop drawings.
  • Obtain Materials/ Equipment approvals and place orders.
  • Manage, coordinate subcontractors and evaluate performance.
  • Monitor daily construction progress, update CPM schedule (Primavera -P6).
  • Daily and monthly field reporting.
  • Preparation of progress payments and cash flow projection.
  • Monitor and scrutinize changes to control cost and protect budget.
  • Conduct progress meetings and record minutes.
  • Initiate document clarification via requests for information (RFI).
  • Ongoing document /construction coordination with stake holders and authorities.
  • Implement and enforce our Quality Control /Quality Assurance.
  • Implement and enforce our health and safety program.
  • Ongoing Implementation of all pre-construction plans.
  • Schedule and perform Startups, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Substantial and final completion documentation.

Upon delivery of a project, the construction process will be concluded as follows:

  • Demobilization /clean up.
  • As Built record.
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Training when required.
  • Prepare and submit project close-out documentation.
  • Warranty , releases and waivers of lien.
  • Final project report.
  • Final payment.

Although completion of a project is the most important landmark, our relationship with our clients will continue beyond occupancy/take over to honor warrantee period, and provide support as needed.