As an experienced design-builder with our construction and design firms (both under one roof), we recognize the profound influence both design and construction have on the final product. Our design-build teams are fully integrated, from initial planning sessions through project completion. Our success originates of combining the two teams (construction and design) resulting in minimizing the project risk, expediting schedule, and controlling quality and budget.

Made up of professionals who have previously collaborated, these teams bring a significant passion for delivering projects that exceed client expectations - representing APCO/ArCon's unwavering focus on relationships and a level of customer service that is second to none. Our design-build clients expect to enjoy the following:

  • Turn-key sole source responsibility minimizing project.
  • Free Owner from burden to coordinate or arbitrate between separate contracts.
  • Total responsibility for budget, schedule and quality.
  • Sole source responsibility to resolve conflicts between design and construction teams.
  • Legal entanglements of adversarial relationships are voided.
  • Accountability, responsibility for defects or non-performance cannot shift to another party.
  • Single source responsibility inherent in design-build is powerful driver.
  • Traditional method relies upon restrictive contract language, adversarial audit, inspection and legal system to insure quality.
  • Design-Build increases operating efficiencies.
  • Guarantee the project cost early on and virtually eliminate change orders, variation orders, and other cost increases.
  • Guaranteed project performance before accepting.
  • Accurately conceptualize and estimate project at early stages.
  • Parallel Track - Simultaneously estimating construction costs during design.
  • Decision to proceed with project is based on firm knowledge of final cost, defined scope and completion date(s).
  • Open Book ”pricing".
  • Proven expertise to evaluate alternative designs, methods, systems, and materials at early stages.
  • Design and construction teams side by side under our roof.
  • Value engineering and constructability reviews parallel the work.
  • Overlap design and construction as necessary.
  • Redesign is minimized or eliminated.
  • Material and long lead addressed early on and procured.
  • Time savings translates into lower costs and early occupancy.
  • Free Owner time and burden by being the “solely responsible entity”.