Construction Management

Construction Management at Risk (CM at Risk), is a process that allows a client to select a Construction Manager (CM) based on qualifications; make the CM a member of a collaborative project team; centralize responsibility for construction under a single contract; obtain abounded guaranteed maximum price; produce a more manageable, predictable project; save time and money; and reduce risk for the client, the architect and the CM.

CM at Risk, a more professional approach to construction, is taking its place along with design-build, and the more traditional process of design-bid-build as an established method of project delivery for construction. A clients objective should be to select the best CM for the project at a fair and reasonable fee. Most issue an RFP, receive proposals and interview a short list of the most qualified firms, careful clients should visit the CM's office, check references and examine their control systems in great detail. APCO/ArCon is experienced and prepared to lead the CM process, implement the work and achieve deliverables by providing multitude of expertise and services.

  • Reduce owner’s soft costs (architectural and engineering fees, studies, surveys).
  • Eliminate owner’s exposure to change orders.
  • Single point, total project management provides a centralized, seamless control from start to finish.
  • Significantly reduce the owner’s risk and exposure.
  • Ready to assist in Architect and Engineer selection.
  • Provide one contact for both management and construction.
  • Provide commitment the owner will receive a project that is both on time and under budget.
  • Identify “up front” fees and general conditions costs.
  • Minimize surprises; Let participants work with known quantities.
  • Unite project team; unify participants toward common goals.
  • Stretch the value for each project dollar.
  • Assist Architect or Engineer ( Consultant) in refinement of construction documents to produce higher accuracy in bid package estimates.
  • Provide ongoing systems analysis to ensure continuing optimum value.
  • Assist architect/engineer project programming and scope development to ensure that owner’s needs and requirements are being met.
  • Prepare budget estimates at Schematic Design, Development, and Construction Document Phases.
  • Bid packaging/bid assessment and qualifying.
  • Evaultion bid/negotiation rewarding contract.
  • Assist architect/engineer in obtaining code officials/ utilities/ authorities review and approval.
  • Manage schematic design, design development, and construction document phases.
  • Perform “Value Added” analysis throughout the project development to include constructibility and value
  • Conduct meetings with code officials/utilities/ authorities prior to the start of construction to ensure that all requirements will be met.
    Identification of long lead time materials.
  • Manage the day to day logistics and problem solving that a project under construction can bring.
  • Provide on-site supervision and staffing throughout the closeout period.
  • The only conduct to manage and distribute all necessary documents to the owner and stake holders.
  • Ensure code officials/ utilities/authorities requirements are met.
  • Manage and review all preconstruction plan and programs.
  • Develop and maintain construction schedules.
  • Review with the Owner/Architect monthly progress reports.
  • Conduct equipment and system startup.
  • Provide a zero punch list project.
  • Evaluate and compile monthly billings from contractor/or subcontractors for distribution to the owner.
  • Constantly monitor site safety as is relates to the general public, working staff, and construction staff.
  • Enforce site cleanliness throughout construction.
  • Manage all required testing and inspections and inforced for implementing QC/QA program.
  • Manage all construction submittals (shop drawings/materials/product data).
  • Manage project close-out documents.