Role: General Contracting
Client: USAID
Location: Nablus - Jenin - Palestine
Date: On-going
Size: 15.05 km Total
Engineer: Black and Veatch
Cost: $6,859,034

This project is located in the north region of the West Bank and designed to serve 8 communities (Al Naqura, Sabastiya, Shavei Shamron, Burqa, Silat Ad Dahir, Al Fondaqumiya, and Bazzariya) the transmission main passes only through two localities (Silat Ad Dahir and Al Fondaqumiya) where the lines were installed by open cut of the asphalt. This project is a major water transmission pipeline, it receive water from the Beit Iba well and provide a direct supply of water to the 8 communities along the pipeline’s alignment.

This project is comprised of the installation of 3 water segments: 1) major segment A, new 300mm diameter main transmission pipeline approximately 13.71 kilometers in length from Deir Sharaf junction to Sanur well junction 2) minor segment B, 1.0km long 150mm diameter transmission line from Segment A to Al Fondaqumiya existing elevated reservoir 3) minor segment C, 0.125km long 150mm diameter transmission line from Segment A to Silat Ad Dahir existing reservoir and 4) additional segment D, new 100mm diameter pipeline approximately 1.2 km.