Construction Management

Whether the project is a road, a building or other type, and regardless of scope or magnitude, Owners expect their general contractor to deliver quality work at competitive rate with minimal changes or compromises to protect the budget and time. In addition, Owners expect smooth construction process, orderly occupancy/take over, and post completion support.

Our executives (Owners of APCO/ArCon) directly run the company’s daily business and all facets of our project starting with document review, direct interface with subcontractors, suppliers, price evaluations and awards. Having detailed understanding of each project, our management exercises tight control over the construction process by being intimately involved with field personnel, ubcontractors, consultants and the Client. Our “hands on management style” assures quality is attained, safety is implemented, cost kept under control and schedule is realized. Our minimal corporate hierarchy allows for immediate action and quick decision making, this feature provides efficient problem solving that facilitates and accelerates the work. “We are easily accessible and always available”. Our management capacity is enhanced by our ability to self-perform essential in-house engineering services and by self-performing critical construction activities with our equipment and in-house skilled manpower. Our strategy is designed to meet each expectation via distinct phases of services:

As a CM at Risk we will
  • Reduce owner’s soft costs (architectural and engineering fees, studies, surveys).
  • Eliminate owner’s exposure to change orders.
  • Single point, total project management provides a centralized, seamless control from start to finish.
  • Significantly reduce the owner’s risk and exposure.
  • Ready to assist in Architect and Engineer selection.
  • Provide one contact for both management and construction.
  • Provide commitment the owner will receive a project that is both on time and under budget.
  • Identify “up front” fees and general conditions costs.
  • Minimize surprises; Let participants work with known quantities.
  • Unite project team; unify participants toward common goals.
  • Stretch the value for each project dollar.