Corporate Overview

APCO/ArCon Construction and Services was formed in response to a need for increased communication between the design and construction teams from the start of design to final completion of project. APCO/ArCon utilized the collective construction and coordination required for successful project completion with exemplary results.
APCO/ArCon is the driving force up-front and behind the scenes of all our projects. We monitor the document preparation/completion contributing our value engineering expertise to make certain the budget is not compromised.

APCO/ArCon then conducts the competitive bidding process, interview bidders, negotiate contracts and make appropriate recommendations. The document preparation, bidding and construction phases are planned by APCO/ArCon to meet the time frame and schedule developed at the outset. Successful on-time completion of all our projects translates into many cost savings to our clients and our organization.
Additional cost claims are also of great concern to which APCO/ArCon views from an architect's/engineer's perspective of substantiation of claim pricing. Cost controls for legitimate, hidden or bulletin revisions are thoroughly reviewed and contractor breakdowns scrutinized in concert with the Architect/Engineer to assure the Owner will only pay and/or receive fair market credits prior to any change order recommendations.

APCO/ArCon will begin program planning with the team to establish attainable goals and deadlines based on our experience and market trends. We have never failed to meet a project milestone and will always endeavour to exceed project goals. This is only possible when all team members concur without conflict and finger pointing to attain performance goals in the Owner's best interest.