Role: General Contracting
Client: USAID
Location: Bethlehem - Palestine
Date: Completed Oct. 2016
Size: 24.3km Water/ 15.0km Roads
Engineer: Black and Veatch
Cost: $12,198,705.08

This project is located in the southern region of the West Bank (Bethlehem Governorate) and designed to serve 4 communities (Nahaleen, Wadi Fukin, Husan, and Battir) Work scope included the installation of 25.34 km of main pipeline and internal networks water and reconstruction of 14.97 km of existing roads. The main pipeline and internal networks passes through three localities (Nahaleen, Husan, and Battir) where the pipelines were installed by open cut of asphalt/ dirt roads, one portion of the pipeline (segment D) passes through a nature reserve where the pipeline was installed above ground and without the use of heavy equipment. Nahaleen main pipeline alignment traverses areas A, B and C, it receive water from an existing Mekorot pipeline near Al Jaba’ junction and provide a direct supply of water to the 4 communities along the pipeline’s alignment.

This project consists of:

1- Installing a new 300mm, 250mm, 200mm, 150mm and 100mm diameter main transmission pipeline approximately 9,502 l.m. long to supply potable water to the towns of Nahaleen, Wadi Fukin, Husan, and Battir. The pipeline originates at a new connection to an existing Mekorot pipeline near Al Jaba’ junction and terminates at new connection chambers for Nahaleen, Husan, and Battir, as well as at a connection to an existing pipeline to Wadi Fukin. A metered turnout (connection chamber) is provided for each town.

2- Installing approximately 15,840 l.m. of local network connections for Nahaleen, Husan, and Battir.

3- Upgrading a total of 14.97 kilometers of existing roads within Nahaleen, Husan, and Battir including 1.86km of access roads inside the three villages. The road is a two-lane regional road connecting the communities of Nahaleen, Hussan, Battir and Wadi Fukin to Road 60 and Road 367 in the Bethlehem Governorate.