Project: Hebron Southern Entrance Road 

Client: USAID
Location: Hebron - Palestine
Date: Completed Jul. 2017
Size: 4.8 km Total
Engineer: Black and Veatch
Cost: $7,140,023.79

This is a main road leading to Hebron and Dura cities and a vital road with dense business and light industries at both sides, and thus the rehabilitation of the road boosted the economic growth along this road.

Substantially improved travel conditions through the recently reopened southern entrance to the City of Hebron – the main thoroughfare for goods between Israel and West Bank, and a key hub for the flow of goods between the different regions in the West Bank. The project included also the rehabilitation of 2 local roads at Daheyiat Al Zaytouna and Al Harayeq neighborhoods, and extended the reconstruction of the of the Hebron-Dura (Sinjir) Road to the Al Tahrir Roundabout that was constructed previously under T.O 13-00012.