Project: Hebron Northern Entrance Road

Client: USAID
Location: Hebron - Palestine
Date: Completed Feb. 2017
Size: 1.2 km Total
Engineer: Black and Veatch
Cost: $1,438,169.80

Rehabilitation of a section of the northern entrance road that connects Hebron City with Highway 35 and a portion of Highway 35 at the intersection with the Hebron northern entrance road.

This road is the main entrance to Hebron City and its rehabilitation will facilitate the movement of trade between Hebron and the other Northern and Middle districts of the West Bank. Since Hebron city is one of the most leading Palestinian cities in trade and agriculture, the rehabilitation of this road will facilitate the movement of trade and goods between Hebron city and its neighboring towns and villages contributing to improve the economic conditions. In addition and as a result of the upgraded road, drivers will spend less time waiting at the intersection, and the new merge lane will improve the flow of traffic and boost drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety.