APCO/ArCon Awarded USAID Task Order No. 294-TO-16-00001- Hebron Southern Entrance and Northern Entrance Roads – May 2016- $8.6M

May 19, 2016- APCO/ArCon is pleased to announce it has been awarded the construction of Task Order No. 294-TO-16-00001-Hebron Southern and Northern Entrance Roads projects under USAID Infrastructure Needs Program II (INP-II). This Task Order consists of 2 separate road projects distributed in the southern region in the West Bank at a total cost of $8.6M. The two projects are considered regional roads and the main entrances to Hebron City and suffer from deteriorated conditions that include worn out surface, lack of proper shoulder and traffic management signage, as well as lack of road marking to provide safe driving conditions.
The scope of this task order required the rehabilitation of the following roads:

PROJECT 1: Hebron Southern Entrance Road - 4.0 km
Project is scheduled to be completed in May 2017.

PROJECT 2: Hebron Northern Entrance Road – 1.0km
Project is scheduled to be completed in Dec. 2016.