APCO/ArCon Awarded Task Order No. 294-I-25-08-00-221-00- Distribution piping for Idna and Deir Samit- Sep. 2009- $4.7M

September 21, 2018- APCO/ArCon is pleased to announce it has been awarded the construction of Distribution Piping for Idna and Deir Samit Water project under the USAID Infrastructure Needs Program (INP-I). The scope of this project requires the installation of approximately 54km of water distribution network with pipelines of diameter 1”, 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” in Idna City and Deir Samit village in Western Hebron at a total cost of $4.7 million. This project will benefit over 26,000 inhabitants in that area and is scheduled to be completed in Nov. 2010.