APCO/ArCon Awarded USAID Task Order No. 294-I-24-08-00-221-00- Main Pipeline and Deir Samit Reservoir – Sep. 2009- $4.2M

September 21, 2018- APCO/ArCon is pleased to announce it has been awarded the construction of Main Pipeline and Deir Samit Reservoir Water project under the USAID Infrastructure Needs Program (INP-I). The scope of this project requires the construction of approximately 12km of Ductile Iron water main pipeline [12” and 8” pipelines] from Tarqumia to Beit Awwa village in Western Hebron, and the construction of 2000m3 reinforced concrete reservoir in Deir Samit at a total cost of $4.2. This project will benefit over 39,916 inhabitants in Al Kom, Idna, Deir Samit, Beit Awwa and the surrounding areas and is scheduled to be completed in Dec. 2010.